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About Crystalline Clarity

Daryl Spilberg -

Sometimes life can bring us to a critical point where we are thrown into a crisis or inner questioning, often quite abruptly or instantaneously. Whilst this can be thoroughly perplexing and even make you question everything you have ever known, the good news is that there is a way through to the other side, ultimately being profoundly transformative and positive.

Life can also cause us to wonder what and why particular events and circumstances are happening within our reality. This can in turn propel us to seek answers and explore options for external guidance.
Whatever your experience or exploration is, from a sense of enquiry to being utterly overwhelmed and seemingly impossible to get through, know that it is all welcome and that you've come to the right place.

Daryl Spilberg -

About Daryl Spilberg

Counsellor, Crystal Dreaming practitioner and fanatical health enthusiast. Previously, I was an international tour guide which enabled me to explore the world, experiencing many cultures across many different countries. I was always curious about how to live a healthy, sustainable lifestyle until I was abruptly plunged into a deep spiritual crisis that lasted many years. I had to rapidly adapt and explore many options to try and find my way back to mental, spiritual and physical health, which had all suddenly broken down simultaneously.

Through this journey which I ultimately recognized as an initiation period, I was left to my fend for myself for a long time until I was finally guided to various incredibly skilled practitioners who assisted me in finding ways to find balance within myself: Through spiritual realms, healing of the physical body and battles of the mind, finding equilibrium to replace the complete and seemingly permanent chaos that my life had plunged into.

Of these, I was fast tracked into learning about the spiritual realms in particular, constantly dealing with entities and various other beings, attachments, past and present life traumas, unbalanced energy centres and fields, cords and long standing contracts to name a few. Of course, all were accompanied by a very large amount of karma! 

The journey back to health has been incredibly difficult and at many times I came to situations and roadblocks that I was sure were impossible to get through. Yet it was my health crisis that brough the wisdom and knowledge of how to heal on many levels and ultimately come to a place to be able to help and share how to do so and assist others.

I now know that the seemingly impossible can be healed and am here to be of service to assist others through their own inner questioning, awakenings, complex spiritual issues, health crises and anything else that may be perplexing them and holding them back from reaching their full potential.


- Crystal Dreaming (2019)

- Diploma of Counselling (2022)

- Cert III & IV Personal training & fitness instruction, incorporating nutrition (2007)

- TTC 200 Hatha Yoga (2016)


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