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Frequently Asked Questions

It's crystalline clear

Daryl Spilberg -

Q: How long is a Crystal Dreaming session?

A: Sessions are between 1.5 - 2 hours, including a short introductory brief at the start and debrief at the end.

Q: How many Crystal Dreaming sessions do I need?

A: Crystal Dreaming has the potential to make large and immediate shifts in as little as one session. Usually integration time is recommended and sessions are typically several months apart or longer, but depending on time constraints and the individual, multiple session can occasionally be required. 

Q: Do you service areas of counselling outside the specialties described on your website?

A: Absolutely. As a fully qualified counsellor, I have been trained in professional counselling principals and welcome clients to bring any issues they feel to work through into sessions.

Q: Can I have remote sessions?

A: Counselling is offered remotely, however due to the physical requirement of the crystals, Crystal Dreaming is not.

Q: I am wary of healing journeys and where they can take me. Is the space held safely?

A: Crystal Dreaming journeys are made safe by clearing the space prior to each session and sessions are always 1 on 1, guided by myself in a tightly held space. Throughout the session, we are in constant contact so you are well guided, never alone and always in safe hands.

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