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Spiriual Crisis

Spiritual Crisis and Spiritual Emergence

At the core spiritual crises can often feel like an identity crisis and that your very existence seems to be uncontrollably slipping away, with drastic changes taking place to you and your reality at an alarmingly rapid rate or even instantaneously.

Spiritual emergence can display similar symptoms, revelations and insights to crisis, but usually presents in a more controlled and somewhat gentler manner. Whilst emergence can still be extremely perplexing and challenging, there is generally more of a sense of enquiry rather than feeling of loss of control that crisis typically brings.

Both can manifest themselves in countless different ways, always unique to the individual in the midst of their crisis or emergence.

Some typical examples and symptoms of Spiritual Crisis and Emergence are:

·        Suddenly questioning your existence and the way things are in the world

·        Feeling confused and overwhelmed with daily reality, struggling to conduct simple daily tasks that were before second nature

·        Progressively feeling like a different person from your “previous self”, one that others and even you may no longer recognize

·        Feeling lost, depressed, hopeless, anxious and unable to shift these feelings, as if you are "stuck in a hole"

·        Having difficulty relating and connecting to others. Feeling yourself drifting and separating from those you were close to

·        A loss of joy in things that you once loved, diminishing interest in reality and perhaps no longer being able to find anything that you enjoy

·        Having a dysregulated or blown out nervous system, putting you constantly on edge, making you jumpy, paranoid, unable to relax and stuck in "fight or flight"

·        Feeling as if part of you has torn away, broken off and is dying

·        Heightened sensitivity to many kinds of stimuli and finding it difficult to be out in public and around others, perhaps feeling inexplicably drained after doing so

·        Suddenly becoming aware of, hearing, seeing or feeling other spirits, beings, entities or energies

·        Having extremely perplexing vivid dreams, memories, visions and even out of body encounters. Sleep may also become elusive and fitful

·        Feeling extremely isolated, being unable to relate to anyone or properly express or describe what is happening to you

·        Feeling completely removed from reality, as if you are partially or completely in another world or dimension

Spiritual crisis and emergence can be an incredibly complex, terrifying and painful experience and can be extremely isolating, feeling like you are completely alone. Indeed, a common sentiment is often “what is happening to me has never happened to anyone else before”.

When going through spiritual crisis, it can take a long time to find your feet and it is common to feel like a tiny boat in a huge storm, rocked from all angles whilst you fight hard to stay upright so as not to tip over and drown into the abyss.

Whilst your own individual experience and journey are unique to you, know that others have also been through crises of their own and you needn’t go through it alone – Help is available and can be the catalyst to your healing if you are willing to reach out. Furthermore, this help can assist to process and integrate your experience, ultimately allowing it to become profoundly transformative and positive.

Psycedelic damage

Repairing psychedelic damage

Psychedelic substances such as ayahuasca, magic mushrooms, peyote and others are all the rage these days, both inside and out of a ceremonial space. Many of these often come with the promise of profound or even instantaneous healing, life altering cosmic experiences, other worldly contact and so much more.

Whilst I am not denying that these experiences can and do indeed take place at times, the potential other side and consequences of these substances are rarely discussed and a topic that is almost always neglected as a forewarning before taking them. As I always say "With the potential for great breakthroughs also comes the potential for great breakdowns". 

Partaking in psychedelic substances and ceremonies can also lead to catastrophically traumatic experiences and consequences, leaving people inexplicably damaged, confused, cracked open, feeling much worse than they they did prior to their experience and wondering what has happened to them.

Some typical examples and symptoms of psychedelic damage are:

·        Getting stuck in a “bad trip”, unable to get out of it and fully back to reality

·        Cracking, shattering, tearing open and puncturing holes in your chakras, auric field and other energetic bodies, leaving gaps and spaces for unwanted energies, entities and other beings to enter and attach at will

·        Making sleep elusive, stressful and fitful, bringing nightmares and casting you into extremely vivid dream states

·        Abruptly opening you up to hearing, seeing and feeling beings, entities and energies in everyday life

·        Trapping you in another reality, leaving part of you stuck in another world or dimension, making it extremely difficult to operate back in the reality of day to day life and relate to others in it

·        Picking up and attaching “passengers” such as demons, entities and others, unknowingly taking them home with you from your psychedelic experience where they will continue to hang around and influence you

·        Feeling imbalanced, wobbly and off kilter, possibly to the extent that you feel yourself physically and mentally navigating the world from a different gradient

·        Being pulled out of your body and only partially or improperly returning you, leaving you “spaced out” and in stuck in between realities

·        In extreme cases, physical damage such as neurological, hearing loss and others may occur

The world of psychedelics is extremely complex and there are numerous reasons why things can go wrong and the potential adverse effects that can take place.

Disturbingly, an increasing number of people are leaving their experiences thinking them to be positive ones, only to find out years down the track that they were quite the opposite.

The harsh reality is that people often come to these substances in search of healing, yet subsequently find themselves urgently needing to heal the damage the substances themselves have done, compounding the issues they originally sought healing for in the first place.

At times, when someone is left scrambled and feeling much the worse from their experience, to validate what just took place it is common to be given such sentiments as “You had the experience you needed” or “It’s all medicine”. Know that this is not true and a poor excuse – There is no need to validate and give credit to shattering events that have harmed you by twisting them into something that was needed in defence of a plant spirit, substance, space, space holder or anything else that may have harmed you, be it intentionally or not.

Trying to disentangle yourself from what has happened with these substances has many parts to it which are multi-dimensional and extraordinarily complex on many levels. If you’ve had problems with any of these substances, know that I have extensive experience dealing with such issues and specialize in repairing damage and misalignments, as well as assisting with both the understanding and processing of the trauma your experiences may have brought and anything else that may have arisen related to them.

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